Frequently Asked Questions
      Information for parents of youth placed at Mid Alantic Youth Servies.

What does my child need to take with him / her?
Your son/daughter should bring personal belongings such as, clothing, hygiene products, shoes…etc. If your son/daughter does not have personal items, MAYS and probation will work together to provide the necessary items for his or her day to day needs. Your child also does not need money while placed with MAYS.

Does my child keep going to school while he / she is at MAYS?
Yes, we are licensed through Pennsylvania Department of Education as a private academic school for young men and women in grades 7 through 12; we also provide special education services. While at MAYS, your child will have a regular school day, where they can earn credits that will transfer to his/her home school. Our school also operates year round, 5 days a week, 6 hours a day.

Can my child graduate high school while at MAYS?
If he / she has enough credits from his / her home school district and from classes at MAYS, he / she may earn a diploma from MAYS. If your child does not meet the credit requirement to earn a diploma, he / she may earn a GED while placed.

My child is thinking about going to college?
If your son / daughter is interested in going to college, MAYS will assist him / her in completing the FAFSA, enrolling in SAT preparatory classes, registering to take the SAT exam and applying to college while with us.

What if I don't have enough money to pay for all of these tests and fees?
SAT classes and the SAT exam, GED classes and the GED exam, are free for our youth.

Are sports available at MAYS?
MAYS does not have PIAA affiliated sports; however, there is a recreation program at both facilities that will allow for positive competition for your son or daughter.

Are there other activities to get involved in?
If your child is not into athletics, there are several other activities they can become involved with, such as vocational programming and certificate programs; Youth Advisory Committee, Nature Club, Media Club, Talent Shows, to name a few.

What type of treatment will my child receive while they are away?
Cognitive Behavior Therapy is the main treatment modality used in MAYS’ programs. The treatment philosophy of MAYS is grounded in Balanced and Restorative Justice Principles. To this end, MAYS will be consistent with these principles by providing programs of supervision, care and rehabilitation, with balanced attention to competency development, victim awareness / restoration, and community protection.

Your child will receive structured, individualized treatment that is directed by a master’s level clinical supervisor. Your child will receive individual counseling, group therapy, family therapy, psycho educational groups, and life skill / employability skills groups.

MAYS contracts with Prime Care Medical to provide medical, dental and vision services for the youth in our care. There are medical staff in the building seven days per week.

Is there career training available?
MAYS provides hands-on instruction and certification programs such as, Lab Volt (cable installation, home electrical wiring), Culinary Arts, Upholstery, Lego Robotics, ServeSafe, OSHA-10, First Aid / CPR.

What will my child eat while at MAYS?
We contract with food service management companies that use a registered dietician to plan out nutritionally balanced meals and snacks. Your child will also get an evening snack. If your child has food allergies, accommodations will be made.

What are the living arrangements?
Your child will have a room of his / her own, with a bed, desk, and dresser.

Do you offer drug and alcohol treatment?
MAYS is not a licensed treatment facility for drug and alcohol users, however, we do offer educational and prevention groups for substance use and abuse. Your child may also have access to AA/NA meetings.

Are there community service opportunities?
There are opportunities available to participate in meaningful community service activities.

Who is going to be working with my child?
We use a multidisciplinary team approach to working with youth. We employ direct care staff, dorm supervisors, master’s level clinical supervisors and PA licensed teachers. We work closely with contracted medical services and licensed psychologists. Our employees who will have direct and regular contact with your child will receive 80 hours of training before they are in the dorms working with your child.

Where is MAYS?
MAYS, Western PA Child Care is located in Butler County, Pennsylvania, which is a little over an hour from the city of Pittsburgh, and approximately 5 hours from Philadelphia.

PA Child Care is located in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, which is approximately 2 hours north of Philadelphia just off the northeast extension.

How do I communicate with my child while they are away?
You and your child can write letters on a daily/weekly basis, your child will receive weekly phone calls. Family visit times are available and can be scheduled through the clinical supervisor or the clinical assistant. We encourage and support family involvement through family visits, family therapy and phone contact. Video conferencing visits are available as well.

As the parent/legal guardian, you may always contact the facility to speak with your child’s therapist.

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