Walk with a Veteran at the VA hospital in Butler, PA.

On Saturday October 12, 2013, four gentlemen from the Western PA Open Residential Program participated in the Walk with a Veteran at the VA hospital in Butler. These gentlemen did a fantastic job, and everyone who worked the event were impressed with how the guys acted. Many volunteers commented on how well behaved and well-mannered the gentlemen were towards everyone.

 Art Club is offering woodcrafts FOR SALE!

Once again the MAYS afterschool Art Club is offering woodcrafts for sale. We have created a Fall lineup that will be available from today through the end of October. The items available are pictured above with the associated price. We will also be putting out a Winter Holiday flyer by the end of October with all of the crafts that will be available through December 20th. Please contact us if you are interested in any of the items pictured. All proceeds will remain within the program and will be used for future supplies and bigger projects. Thank you all for your support!

 DJ Lisa Love speaks with youth from Mid-Atlantic Youth Services, telling them to take advantage of opportunities in front of them.

In spite of many trials and tribulations as a young teen, DJ Lisa Love dreamt of greater things. Spending her early years in Philadelphia, Lisa Love was moved from family member to family member, having little to no support system.

Lisa was able to get herself off of the streets by using sports as an avenue, as a member of her High School girl’s basketball team, she lead them to a sectional play-off. Though recruited by many, DJ Lisa Love accepted a basketball scholarship to Clarion University of Pennsylvania. With excellence on as well as off the court she graduated with a BA in Sociology/Psychology.

Once graduated Lisa Love worked as a Social Worker, Basketball Coach and as a Recreation Specialist a position she maintains today, where she became certified in Physical Fitness and Nutrition. During the search for a career path that would allow her to help others, DJ Lisa Love never abandoned her love of music. DJ’ing part-time since college, she was ready to take her skills to the next level.

In 2000 Lisa Love moved back to Philadelphia where she took a course in music production in pursuit of DJ’ing professionally; soon after she was hired as a sound technician for the former Brave New World Nightclub which hosted a weekly event (House of Soul) by Come Kleen Productions. As fate would have it DJ Lisa Love was given the chance to shine when Come Kleen’s CEO John Barber took a chance and put her on the “wheels” when his regular DJ failed to show. Needless to say, he was impressed with her skills. Neither one has looked back since.

 Senator Lisa Baker visits MAYS
On December 11, 2012, Senator Lisa Baker and Maggie Giannelli, the Senator’s legislative director, visited the facility of Mid-Atlantic Youth Services, Corp. (MAYS) in Pittston Township, PA. MAYS is a treatment facility for adjudicated youth between the ages of 14 through 21. During the visit, conducted by a student of the facility, Senator Baker viewed the programs and opportunities available for the youth. Senator Baker was introduced to the students in both their classroom and vocational settings and the visit included a tour of both the upholstery and culinary arts classes with a sampling of holiday cookies from our culinary art students.

The mission of MAYS is to provide high-quality healthcare, education, and treatment services to our youth through supportive partnerships with those we serve (courts, families, youth, and the community). We accomplish our mission by providing a safe, nurturing, and structured environment that promotes positive changes in the health and well-being of youth, allowing them to return to their communities while remaining alcohol, drug, and crime-free.

Consistent with Pennsylvania’s juvenile justice system, the treatment philosophy of MAYS is grounded in Balanced and Restorative Justice Principles. To this end, MAYS is consistent with the public’s interest to provide programs of supervision, care, and rehabilitation for children committing delinquent acts. Our programs provide balanced attention to the protection of the community, teach children accountability for offenses committed, and enable children to become responsible and productive members of their community. To accomplish these goals, MAYS provides both extensive treatment and educational services through the students’ stay at the facility.

MAYS is a licensed private, academic school with certified teachers in each of the core subject areas. MAYS’ curriculum is aligned to the common core standards. In addition to the core curriculum, MAYS offers supplemental instruction in the core subject areas. To supplement the science and math curriculum, students are provided with a course of Robotics and Advanced Robotics using the LEGO® robotics system. The LEGO system is a fun tool to explore robotics, mechanical systems, electronics, and programming. The goals of this instruction are to introduce students to the world of robotics where students have fun building robots and learning about real-life applications of robotics, including the underlying engineering and logic concepts. Students also create practical robots that can tackle authentic scenarios and problems, whether for common household chores or industry-applications. Students are also provided supplemental math and reading instruction through our Title I programming.

For those students who are two or more grade levels behind, MAYS provides an individualized GED preparation course in addition to the students’ everyday schooling. The GED Prep course prepares students for the GED test. This course provides one-on-one instruction for the GED test utilizing TABE testing to gauge the students’ learning. The GED test covers a wealth of information within the five-test sections and since the inception of this course, we have had greater than 90% pass rate.

Students who do not qualify for GED but run the risk of falling behind, or who have already been identified as having knowledge and/or skill gaps, are provided the opportunity to earn additional credits through our credit remediation/recovery program. Our mobile computer labs, which were purchased with Title I funding, are available throughout the school day and before or after school to assist in that recovery.

In addition to teaching the core curriculum, MAYS combines treatment and education to assist youth with their transition back into the community. MAYS is a member of the Pennsylvania Alliance for Career and Technical Training (PACTT) which partners with other like institutions to advance the opportunities available for delinquent youth. MAYS believes that students, no matter what background, need instruction in soft skills such as communication, handling adversity, understanding diversity, job-seeking skills, and much more. MAYS has developed a curriculum to assist students for their successful reintegration into the community. In addition to these soft skills, students complete a portfolio to take with them with they leave. This portfolio provides students with a written record of completed work, accomplishments achieved as well as valuable resources to help fulfill future goals.

Prior to leaving the facility, the educational and treatment team work collectively to develop transitional plans for our students. The students either return to school if not graduated or are provided with a pathway for further education and/or employment. For those students interested in post-secondary education, MAYS offers a SAT prep course for interested students in addition to one-on-one instruction in FAFSA and college application completion.

MAYS offers a variety of certificates to provide our students with additional advantages for gainful employment and/or schooling. These certificates include OSHA-10, First-Aid/CPR and computer training in both Excel and Word. In addition to our certificates, MAYS offers ServSafe certification in the vocational tract of culinary arts. The ServSafe training, taught through our certified instructor, demonstrates the latest science-based food safety and sanitation information and industry-best practices for food managers, chefs, or others working in the food industry. ServSafe is a national certification program of the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. The ServSafe certificate is highly regarded in industry and is advantageous for students in the workplace. Our pass rate for this test for the year 2012 is well over 90%.

To supplement this certification, MAYS offers a hands-on culinary arts course designed to provide students with a foundation of practical and technical skills necessary to succeed in the food service industry. MAYS has partnered with their food service provider, Linton’s Food Services, to train students in the important tasks that are needed in the kitchen today.

MAYS is proud to offer Upholstery I, II and Advanced Upholstery for our students. The Upholstery Courses provide instruction in the identification and stripping of furniture as well as the installation and application of springs, webbing, padding and other materials. Such areas as fabric identification, wood furniture framing and related mechanical drawing are included. The goal of the Upholstery Courses is to provide students with entry-level skills as furniture upholsterers. From each class, a student who demonstrates exceptional aptitude for upholstery, has demonstrated leadership, and is reliable, is selected to continue for additional training. These students are expected to assist with teaching the basic skill sets, provide skills modeling, and learn more advanced upholstery skills.

For delinquent youth, the process of preparation to complete school and be job-ready must begin while they are in placement. The treatment, training, certifications and employability curriculum we provide our youth, we believe, increases the chances that our youth will become productive members of their community and not part of the system.

Eddie Ellis Speaks To Our Youth
On December 3, 2012, Mid-Atlantic Youth Services, Inc. invited Eddie Ellis to speak with our youth.

Eddie B. Ellis Jr., a native Washingtonian, is a youth activist and motivational speaker. Mr. Ellis is a former offender, he has written and published The Window of Opportunity Pre-Release Handbook, and The Window of Opportunity Pre-Release Handbook for Women, resource guides offering service referrals, practical tips and inspiration to former offenders and parolees. He is also the creator of The People That We Hurt On The Outside Seminar CD, which is used to help both young and adult men understand that every bad choice they make affect others, and it is ok to ask and be forgiven. He is also the subject of a recently released documentary, Out for Good, a documentary based on his life experiences since returning home from prison.

In addition, he has experience training criminal justice professionals and speaking to diverse populations about criminal justice and offender reentry. Mr. Ellis also mentors young offenders as well as at- risk youth.

aMAYSing Nature Team (ANT) Newsletter for November
The aMAYSing Nature Team had a wonderful experience when they were invited to see a local whitetail farm. They were given a tour of the farm and much more.

Click here to read ANT Newsletter.

 aMAYSing Nature Team
The aMAYSing nature club traveled to Northern Pennsylvania to participate in an Elk watch. Below are photos from the field trip that youth from WPACC took to Elk County, PA.

 Supporting the Red Cross
Western PA Child Care youth continue to host blood drives on site assisting the American Red Cross with their supply.

 Volunteers In Action
Mid Atlantic Youth Service working with the local Kiwanis Club on October 12, 2012 helping to keep America beautiful.

Emlenton Borough Celebrates MAYS
On October 3rd at 6:30 PA, the Emlenton and surrounding communities are invited to attend a ceremony which will highlight the Mid Atlantic Youth Services involvement in the community. The ceremony and awards presentation will be held at the Crawford Center in the Auditorium.

Click here to read News Article.

aMAYSing Nature Team (ANT) Newsletter for September
The aMAYSing Nature Team held a cook out where members enjoyed learning to prepare food over a camp fire. Also, the team hiked along the Allegheny River Trail.

Click here to read ANT Newsletter.

MAYS Media CLub
Media club is an organization of elite youth that are responsible for the production of a monthly, facility-wide news broadcast. All media club members have successfully completed an interview and audition process that illustrates their communication skills and desire for professional development in a media related field. The youth create the broadcast from scratch and are responsible for writing scripts, filming, and editing. By participating in media club the youth gain a vast amount of communication skills, technological skills, and time management skills while meeting deadlines. Media club is an organization that unites the entire facility for the greater good of both youth and staff.

aMAYSing Nature Team (ANT) Newsletter for August 2012
The ANT group visits the Double Diamond Deer Ranch where they enjoy hiking, a cookout, and crawfish hunting. Overall it was a great experience.

Click here to read ANT Newsletter.

Voices Heard
Girls at WPACC in partnership with Clarion University participated in a nationally recognized program called “PhotoVoice”.

PhotoVoice’s vision is for a world in which no one is denied the opportunity to speak out and be heard.

PhotoVoice’s mission is to build skills within disadvantaged communities using photography and digital storytelling methods so that they have the opportunity to represent themselves and create tools for advocacy and communications to achieve positive social change.

PhotoVoice is participatory photography, digital storytelling and self-advocacy projects for socially excluded groups. This pioneering approach brings together the arts and media and works with hard-to-reach groups on projects that give voice, builds skill, provide platforms for advocacy and work towards sustainable change.

Click here to read Newspaper Article.

"The Living Proof" video (below) shows girls from Western PA Child Care working in collaboration with Clarion University's VDay Project.

Click on the thumbnails to view larger images.

Community Garden Trial Run Underway
The Sunday Dispatch
June 3rd, 2012
Dupont Borough has sponsored a community service project with MidAtlantic Youth Services Center. A small garden has been planted locally and will be maintained by this group with the harvested vegetables being supplied to the center, the borough’s annual “Party in the Park” as well as to the monthly food drives.

If all goes well with this trial run, the borough will move forward with plans for a community garden suggested by residents Joann Dahms and John Tetlak at previous council meetings.

Chef for the Day!
Tony Filipski guest "Chef for the Day" at PA Child Care- Mid Atlantic Youth Services in Pittston, Pa prepares his famous Hot Chicken Bites! Chef for the Day helps bridge the gap between students and staff of the facility. Students get to see administrators and staff in a different light or in this case a chef coat. Students and staff loved Tony's lunch.

2012 Spelling Bee
PA Child Care recently held its 2012 Spelling Bee competition. Click on the thumbnails to view participants and winners!

Students Work with Game Commission
In early April, two PA Child Care students Joel and Floyd worked with the PA Fish Comission to stock trout streams in the Knox area. The trip went very well and the youth were helpful. Floyd and Joel were thankful for the opportunity and seemed to be very interested in the whole process. They asked many questions and interacted hand-in-hand with the Fish Commission. Overall it was a great experience.

Click here to read ANT Newsletter.

Luis Garcia Visits Western PA Child Care
Luis Garcia was the Keynote speaker at the Juvenile Court Judges Commission Conference in 2005. Luis grew up in the streets of Los Angeles with a gang as his family and was able to change his lifestyle which in turn changed his life. A graduate of Penn State University with a degree in Criminal Justice, Luis now pays it forward by speaking to youth in the Juvenile Justice system showing them that they too can be successful and are in control of their destiny.

Luis was kind enough to stop by Mid Atlantic, Western PA Child Care in Emlenton to give his message and spend some time with the youth.

Youth Organize Holiday Blood Drive
Fourteen youth from Western PA Child Cares intensive open residential treatment program held their 2011 Holiday Blood Drive. The youth performed 34.5 hours of community service while collecting 21 units of blood from 28 participants. The blood collected can save 63 lives.

Helping the Salvation Army
This past holiday season, Western PA Child Care youth partnered with the Salvation Army and volunteered their time collecting donations. The event took place at the Cranberry Mall near Oil City, Pennsylvania. Donations provide dinners, clothing, and toys for families in need.

MAYS Earns Private Academic License
Mid Atlantic Youth Services received a private educational license that takes effect on November 1st, 2011. Both PA Child Care and Western PA Child Care will have the ability to award diplomas to graduating youth. Click here to see the license.

Department of Public Welfare Inspection Report
The Department of Public Welfare performed an unannounced walk through inspection of the Western PA Child Care on July 13, 2011. Their report concluded that the building was well maintained and clean. All youth presented themselves in a neat, well dressed manner, and took time to politely introduce themselves. A strong positive child culture was evident within the facility.

The annual inspection included the review of child and personnel records. Child records were well organized and contained all necessary documentation. All youth interviewed reported feeling safe within the program. Click here to read the entire report.

PACC student wins JCJC Youth Award
Marcus Edwards, a youth from PACC has been named a winner from JCJC for this years youth awards. He will receive his award at the annual conference held in Harrisburg on November 2nd, 2011.

Youth Recieve High School Diplomas
Mid-Atlantic Youth Services is one of 11 programs chosen to be part of the PACTT (Pennsylvania Academic and Career Technical Training Alliance). Being part of the PACTT alliance allows MAYS to be a part of a credit recovery program, allowing youth to make up for lost education time. With PA certified teachers in each classroom, state of the art equipment and small classroom size, youth at MAYS are able to improve their academic competencies. Educational services are provided on a year round basis. Both of our facilities are able to award high school diplomas to youth who graduate during their stay.

Youth at both facilities are able to enroll in the Intensive GED Tutoring class and take the exam while placed with MAYS. Youth who have finished their high school requirements, are able to participate in college course work via the internet, become part of the Job Readiness Program and or enroll in one our Vocational Programs.

Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser
Pictured below are girls at Western PA Child Care who organized a week long event for breast cancer awareness. They sponsored a “Walk For The Cure” which was held in the gym along with a bake sale which was held in the cafeteria. The group raised $1,170.

Mobile Computer Lab Offers Opportunity
The mobile computer labs at PACC and WPACC offer youth new opportunities for computer software training. Our Microsoft Office Specialist Training program provides advanced instructor and on-line based training in multiple Microsoft Office 2007 utilities including Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Power Point, Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office Outlook, and Microsoft Vista for the Business Worker. Each course is offered as a stand-alone, self-paced program utilizing both Custom Guide online learning solutions and Kaplan IT Learning systems. Upon successful completion of the program the students will be given the opportunity to take the Certiport test for their corresponding class and receive their certification from Microsoft.

Future Farmers!
MAYS youth tend to the garden at the facility. The vegetables are then used on the salad bar during lunch and dinner.

MAYS Youth Work Learn New Skills
MAYS youth work with old furniture to make it look new again. Our Upholstery Course provides instruction in the identification and stripping of furniture as well as the installation and application of springs, webbing, padding and other materials. Such areas as fabric identification, wood furniture framing and related mechanical drawing are included. For more information contact us at paccupholstery@midatlanticyouth.com

Vocatonal Education
Youth at MAYS studying in the Career Technical Training Classroom, learning to work on circuit boards

OSHA 10 Training
The picture below shows youth at WPACC participating in the OSHA 10 training class. The goal of the certification is to teach younger workers how to stay safe in the workplace and begin to prepare our students for a safe future in their chosen career. By providing our students with fundamental safety knowledge needed in the workplace, this program brings the significance of safety to the forefront.

Youth leave with a certificate of completion in general industry standards. This allows youth to have an upper hand when applying for employment with companies who may require said training.

Fire Department Benefit Car Wash
MAYS held a car wash and collected donations for the Emlenton Fire Department. We had a great turn out and the youth worked very hard washing cars and asking for donations. We never thought we would have such a great turn out but the cars, trucks and even motorcycles came at a steady pace for five hours. Ameen, Nyeem, Tyrone, Khalif, Qydir, and Mr. Morris raised $816.21 to benefit the Emlenton Fire Dept.

Youth Learn Financial Responsibility
Two youths from Western PA Child Care open bank accounts at Farmers National Bank in Emlenton. Seven of our students have opened accounts this year. They are responsible for making deposits and withdraws while recording their checks and keeping track of their balances.

Saving Lives
Western PA Child Care blood drives have been very successful over the years. The youngsters organized three blood drives in 2010 and a total of 10 drives since they started in April of 2008. They collected a total of 328 productive pints and have saved a total of 973 lives.

Going "Green"
Youth from Western PA Child Care stay active with the community by planting trees in Parker, Foxburg, and Emlenton. In 2010 they planted over 100 trees with plans to continue planting in the spring of 2011.

The Times Leader News Article
Lego workshops for children held at LCCC
Luzerne County Community College recently offered several Lego Robotics MINDSTORM workshops for children at the PA Child Care Center. The workshops are designed to give participants skills in industrial maintenance technology and to allow students to work with the robotic inventions to enhance learning.

Some of the participants, from left, first row: Salvatore Piccillo, teacher, PA Child Care Center; Ken David, teacher, PA Child Care Center; and Vito Malacari, teacher, PA Child Care Center. Second row: Christine Donnolo, associate dean, continuing education, LCCC; Kristina Kornova, teacher, PA Child Care Center; Cheri Shaver, vocational coordinator, PA Child Care Center; and Evelyn Molina, educational liaison, PA Child Care Center. Third row: Michelle Goff, teacher, PA Child Care Center; Dave Elick, instructor, continuing education, LCCC; William Walters, director of education, PA Child Care Center; and Jill Stadlony, teacher, PA Child Care Center.

PACC becomes a Licensed SAT Testing Center
In 2010, PACC became a Licensed SAT Testing Center, better preparing youth for the continuation of their education.

Microsoft Word and Excel Certificates
Several youth throughout PACC participated in a 2-3 day program through New Horizons. At the end of the program, youth were certified in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

Working with Emlenton Borough
Youth from Western PA Child Care work for Emlenton Borough earning minimum wage while assisting with day to day maintenance with the borough.

Lego Camp
Throughout the months of September and October, several groups of youth participated in a one week Lego Robotics Technician Workshop. This was a cooperative learning opportunity through the Luzerne County Community College from which each youth received a certificate of participation.

Staying active with the March of Dimes
The students of Western PA Child Care continue to be active members of the March of Dimes. Youth held a Chinese auction with all proceeds being donated to the March of Dimes.

Kaboom Playground Project
On October 7th, two youth from PACC volunteered at a Kaboom Playground Project where they helped construct a playground in a local Wilkes-Barre neighborhood.

A Thank You from the American Red Cross
In August of 2010, the youth from WPACC organized a blood drive in association with the American Red Cross. Employees and community participation contributed to a successful campaign. Click here to read a thank you letter from the American Red Cross.

Habitat For Humanity
On June 5th, three youth participated in a Habitat For Humanity project located in Edwardsville, PA. The young men helped build a home.

Helping the Local Community
Youth from Western PA Child Care worked to restore an old jail cell at the Emlenton Borough Building.

United Way’s Day of Caring
Five youth and several staff from the PACC facility helped out at the United Way’s Day of Caring held on May 13, 2010. They completed two projects. Both were at local camps, Camp Kresge, the local YMCA camp and Camp Louise, a Girl Scout Camp. At the camps, they helped set up tents, float docks, clean areas, rake leaves, etc. to prepare for camp season.

Guitar Hero Tournament
On March 17, 2010, youth, Justin M. of Maryland held a Guitar Hero Tournament at the facility. The tournament rose over $200 which was donated to Haiti earthquake victims through the Red Crescent.

Stuffed Animal Drive
In February, youth, Shayn B. from Lancaster County hosted a stuffed animal drive. She collected new and gently used stuffed animals for Stuffed Animals For Emergencies (SAFE), an organization dedicated to providing stuffed animals to children who have been through a traumatic situation. Shayn’s drive collected over 200 stuffed animals which will be sent to Haiti for earthquake victims.

Road Clean Up
Western PA Child Care youth from our open residential program took part in “Road Clean-Up Day” while assisting Emlenton Borough with their section of the “Adopt a Highway” program.

Black History Month Celebration
During the month of February, the youth at PA Child Care prepared for the 3rd Annual Black History Month Celebration. Youth created posters, wrote poems and essays and put together a program with acting, singing and dancing. The celebration took place on March 5, 2010. Parents, probation officers and students all attended the event located at the facility.

At Western PA Child Care, students chose an event or person to study and gave a presentation on how that event or person changed lives for blacks in America.

His Resting Place Maternity House
In January, youth, Rebecca H. from Philadelphia County hosted a fund raiser to benefit His Resting Place Maternity House. Rebecca knitted two blankets which she raffled off. With the money collected, she bought baby and infant supplies which were donated to the maternity house. His Resting Place takes in women leaving the Luzerne County Correctional Facility who are pregnant or with child to help them rejoin the community.

Helping to Restore the Community
MAYS Youth at Western PA Child Care continue with community service projects in Emlenton Borough. Volunteers help to restore Emlenton's historic Pumping Jack Museum. Click here to read the Newspaper article.

Fire Safety Program
Emlenton Borough Fire Department visit the facility to present an overview on fire safety for the youth at WPACC.

Cherish Your Community Event
Youth from the open program joined other local organizations to participate in the Cherish your Community event. Sponsored by Westinghouse and Mitsubishi corporations, youth from the program participated in planting 75 trees in the Parker area to kick off the event.

Youth display their first pay checks from being employed by Emlenton Borough.

CPR Training Builds Character
Twenty-Six youth from the Open Residential unit continue to build competency by learning First Aid and becoming certified in adult and infant CPR.

Read the Latest MAYS Newesletter
This months newsletter is titled "2009 in Review". We take a look back at some of the memorable moments at Mid-Atlantic Youth Services. Click here to download the Newsletter.

MAYS Fund Raiser "Gets Cooking"
A spaghetti dinner was held in Emlenton to benefit the Restitution Program at MAYS. Youth prepared and served the meal to many employees and community member in exchange for earning monies to be paid to the victims of juvenile crime.

Event Photo

Community Service Opportunity
MAYS youth complete community service hours at the Crawford Center in Emlenton. Five youth spent several weeks doing minor repairs and landscaping to the property.

Event Photo

Working to Improve Our Community
MAYS youth build a gazebo at the beginning of the Emlenton bike trail. This rest area was constructed as part of the rails to trails project in Pennsylvania.

Event Photo

Congresswoman Visits WPACC
Congresswoman Dalkemper visits WPACC for a tour of the facility and the opportunity to meet the youth of Mid Atlantic that have been active in the community of Emlenton.

Event Photo

Youth Visit Local University Campus
Youth from WPACC attend the Clarion University vs. Slippery Rock University football game as part of an opportunity to enjoy a sober activity, while having the opportunity to see a college campus and evaluate campus life to assist with their future plans.

Event Photo

WPACC Youth Honor Black History Month
Youth from Western PA Child Care expressed themselves in a theatrical performance honoring African Americans during Black History Month earlier this year.

Introducing the PACC Chronicle
The youth advisory club and staff at PA Child Care recently put together a publication highlighting various facility events and youth programs. The youth did a great job at gathering information for use in the publication! Click here to download this month's edition.

12 WPACC Youth Attend Coach Carter Speech Event
On February 26, 2009, the original Coach Carter, whom the movie was made about, gave a motivational speech at Clarion University. He discussed setting goals and how hard work does, in fact, pay off.

Coach Carter became an all state high school basketball player at just 5 feet 2 inches tall after he was told by his coach that he would not even make the freshmen team. After one game on the freshmen team, he was promoted to the junior varsity team. After one game on the JV team, he was playing varsity as a 5'2" freshman. After playing varsity, he achieved his goal of becoming an all state player.

The 12 WPACC youth who attended the event created a PowerPoint presentation about the speech which they then presented to all the units at Western PA Child Care. Many of the youth were excited about being in the presence of greatness, and they found Coach Carter's speech to be very inspiring. What the youth took away from the presentation is that "success is only inches away." Other youth reported that "knowledge is not power but the use of that knowledge is power."

Event Photos

WPACC Hosts Another Successful Blood Drive
Western PA Child Care hosted another blood drive on January 28, 2009. The drive collected 30 pints of blood which have the potential to save 90 lives!

Event Photos

Red Cross Provides First Aid and CPR Training
In December 2008, Linda Trojak and Steph Marlow from the Red Cross came to Western PA Child Care and certified 25 youth at the facility in first aid and CPR. The two instructors have now done CPR and first aid training with 1/3 of the youth population at WPACC.

Training Photos

Carnegie Science Center Trip
The youth at WPACC took an educational field trip to the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, PA on December 4, 2008.

Field Trip Photos

Therapy Dogs Visit WPACC
On Saturday, November 8, 2008, therapy dogs visited the youth at Western PA Childcare. It was an exciting experience for everyone involved. Members of the Clarion County Obedience Club (CCOC) brought their certified therapy dogs to visit the youth.

“This was an exciting experience for the youth because it’s not every day that our youth get to interact with dogs,” said Ms. Tronzo, a clinical assistant at WPACC. “For some of the youth it has been several months since they have seen their dogs, so this was an emotional experience for some,” she comments.

The experience was also exciting for the staff at WPACC. One staff said, “I became emotional just seeing the entire unit smile, because it has been weeks since I have seen some smile.”

The members from the (CCOC) were at first a little nervous due to not knowing how the youth would behave. The members however were actually impressed with how polite and respectful the youth are. The members all agree the WPACC is the best place to bring their dogs to visit. At the end of the visits everyone wanted to know when the dogs can visited again!

Event Photos

Softball Tournament
Western PA Child Care staff recently participated in a softball tournament in Meadville, PA. This was the first time the staff organized an outside activity with each other. The proceeds supported Crawford County juvenile probation. Sixteen teams participated in the event, and Western PA Child Care earned second place.

Event Photo

Luzerne County Juvenile Center Name Change
In July 2008, the Luzerne County Juvenile Center (LCJC) was renamed to PA Child Care (PACC). Please make note of this change in your address book.

Emlenton Renaissance Update
The youth at Western PA Child Care have been assisting borough employees in a project dedicated to revitalizing the community of Emlenton, PA. Together they're installing new bike racks and picnic tables at various locations throughout Emlenton with the goal of providing residents new amenities to enjoy.


WPACC Hosts Successful Blood Drive
The event raised 45 pints of blood thanks to the 47 individuals who volunteered to donate. The blood donations have the potential to save 135 hospital patients. We would like to thank everyone who participated in making the event successful!


WPACC 2nd Annual Blood Drive
Western PA Child Care will be conducting its second annual blood drive on August 27, 2008 from 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM. The theme for this quarter's blood drive is the "Grateful Life Comeback Tour." Anyone who'd like to donate blood is welcome to attend. For additional information on the event, please call Corey Shumaker at 814-221-5684 or send an email to cshumaker@midatlanticyouth.com.

WPACC Parenting Group
Western PA Child Care recently started a parenting group with the help of local volunteers. The volunteers come to WPACC once a week to teach the youth good parenting skills.


MAYS Youth Honored in Community Parade
Our youth were the Grand Marshal’s of Emlenton, Pennsylvania's community parade held in July. They were honored for all the community service they completed within the past year. The first picture is a photograph with U.S. Congressmen Bill English. In addition, everyone enjoyed a fireworks display. Five of the youth saw fireworks for the first time in their lives!


WPACC Facility Expansion
The Western PA Child Care facility expansion opened on July 3, 2008. The facility now contains 36 male secure treatment beds, 24 female secure treatment beds, 26 male open residential beds, and 13 co-ed shelter beds. At this time all beds are full.

MAYS Receives March of Dimes Award
Mid-Atlantic Youth Services set a goal to raise $1000.00 for the March of Dimes and exceeded it by raising $1350.00. The March of Dimes is dedicated to improving the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality. For more information, please click here.


WPACC Open House
Western PA Child Care is hosting an open house event on June 30, 2008. Probation is invited to tour the facility with an overview of services. After the tour, a golf scramble will take place at 1 PM at Clarion Oaks Golf Course. The fee is $10.00 per golfer. Participants will receive 18 holes of golf with a cart, a catered dinner, and prizes. For additional information or to register for the event, please call Corey Shumaker at 814-221-5684 or send an email to cshumaker@midatlanticyouth.com.

Youth Organizes Blood Drive
Paris J., a high school senior from Philadelphia, PA, organized the blood drive as his senior project. Paris contacted the Red Cross and planned the event which raised over 30 pints of blood!


JCJC Conference Winners
The following youth were award winners at the JCJC Conference held at the Harrisburg Hilton on Oct. 31, Nov. 1, and Nov. 2. The theme for this year was "What is in my toolbox for success."

Name County PO Name Facility
Jeremy B. Luzerne Tom Lavan PACC
Vikania A. Lancaster Thomas Ho WPACC
Stephen J. Washington Addie Burtrum WPACC
Rebecca L. Philadelphia Anna Duarte WPACC

The youth were present at the awards dinner on Wednesday, Oct. 31 along with two family members. Each were recognized and given the opportunity to address those in attendance. All the youth did an excellent job and presented well.

Workshops at the Conference
Also at the conference, Mid Atlantic conducted two workshops on Thursday, November 1. Dr. Taylor from WPACC conducted an hour and a half workshop on Self Injury, why it happens, and how to treat it. Dr. Truscott from PACC conducted an hour and a half workshop on Cognitive Behavior Therapy and its application.

Family Day
On November 17, WPACC will be having its Family Day for the boys units. Approximately 40 boys will have family present from 10 AM to 4 PM. Families will enjoy a catered meal, entertainment from the youth, music, games, and quality family time.

Expansion at WPACC
Ground was broke at WPACC the week of November 5, 2007 for a planned expansion. A target date of April 8, 2008 is set to open another 12 bed male secure unit and a 13 bed open residential unit for low functioning males with mental health needs.

Expansion Plans for 2007
In the Spring of 2007, Mid-Atlantic Youth Services is planning on a 24 bed expansion at Western PA Child Care in Butler, PA. There will be 12 new secure residential treatment beds for males and 12 new non-secure residential treatment beds for court-ordered males. Additional information on our expansion project will be coming soon.

MAYS provides youth services to over 26 Pennsylvania counties and the state of Maryland.

New Secure Residential Treatment Program
Beginning in January 2006, a secure, long-term program for sex offenders/fire setters will be available at PA Child Care. The program lasts from 9-12 months and places an emphasis on victim restoration and impulse control.

Click here for additional information on MAYS Secure Residential Treatment Program.

Mid-Atlantic Youth Services, Corp. Video Brochure
As a new addition to Mid-Atlantic Youth Services' web site in November 2005, this brochure provides an overview of services and programs available at both MAYS facilities.

Click here to read more about MAYS.

Facility Grand Opening
On September 21, 2005, dozens of guests celebrated the grand opening of Western PA Child Care and witnessed the ribbon cutting ceremony. The facility, located in Emlenton, PA, will improve the lives of troubled children and bring 100 job opportunities to the Butler County area.

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