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Our Mission
The mission of Mid-Atlantic Youth Services, Corp. (MAYS) is to provide high-quality healthcare, education, and treatment services to our youth through supportive partnerships with those we serve (courts, families, youth, and the community). We accomplish our mission by providing a safe, nurturing, and structured environment that promotes positive changes in the health and well-being of youth, allowing them to return
to their communities while remaining alcohol, drug, and crime free.

The MAYS Difference
A defining difference with MAYS is that we have the ability to house, care for, and treat nearly any juvenile. Our multiple-licensed facilities allow us to serve kids across a wide range of offenses and disorders, unlike the unidimensional focus common among most providers.

We know you have high concerns and expectations. After all, these are youths with special demands who require a disciplined and all-encompassing treatment plan to make them well. We address the "whole" child, with services that expressly target the uniqueness of their conduct, character and condition. We understand who influences the youth in our care, so we focus on constant relationship building with anyone who can affect their futures - judges, courts, families, communities, affiliate providers and influencers...all will find us very accommodating.

Our programs and services are all done with master level therapists and educators, concentrating on the same, very real, very reachable goals; family reunification and a return as productive members of the community, as well as a fresh start on life. Long or short, all roads to recovery start with a single, life altering step. Let us lead the way.

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